Parcel solutions

Over the past years, we have built a large experience in the postal and courier market and supported a number of companies in achieving higher throughput. We offer a wide range of solutions for the postal and courier market. With the increasing amount of small parcels, Chinese mail, and rest mail, CEP companies are facing a transformation of their services. Learn how our solution can help you face the increasing amount of small parcels.

Not sure which sorter is right for you? More information can be found in our sorter selection guide.


Looking for inspiration?

Over the years we have created a great number of designs, both executed and conceptual. On our inspiration page you can find some of our best solutions with 3D impressions.

Restmail or small parcel sorters

Our most popular small parcel sorters are the LR-sorter and SD-sorter. Typical postal products include all sorts of rest mail, such as envelopes, small parcels, and packets. The SD-sorter is a solid solution when no fragile items are involved and enables a sorting capacity of up to 30.000 items per hour. This sorter is installed at CEP companies all over Europe, like Royal Mail and GLS. An alternative sorter for the postal and parcel market is the slide tray sorter, which is installed at multiple sites of Secured Mail (The Delivery Group).

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