Sending automates small parcel flow with LR-sorter

With a wide spread distribution and transportnetwork, Sending offers reliable parcel delivery in Spain and Portugal for shipments from Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.

With the growth in e-commerce parcels, the amount of rest mail is growing as well. What used to be a small portion of the parcel bulk is now becoming a significant issue for many Courier, express and parcel (CEP) companies. To face this increasing amount of small and medium parcels, Sending has invested in a new LR-sorter.

Sending infeed of LR-sorter

Dimensioning, weighing & scanning

This project included an automatic infeed. Parcels are placed on a pocket belt which acts as the infeed line for the sorter. On this belt the special DWS is installed. This measures the volume and weight of parcels  and identifies them to sort them to the right destination. By using an integrated system, Sending not only increases the efficiency of the system, but also drastically reduces errors. As parcel costs are often based on  a combination of volume and weight, these systems are critical to CEP companies like Sending.

Sending dimensioning weighing and scanning systems (DWS)

Flexibility in blocks

The LR-sorter is characterized by its modular design. Building blocks can be easily combined to form a customer-specific solution. Sending used this flexibility to use two exit mediums. Depending on characteristics, products are either sorted into bags or trolleys.

Sending LR-sorter trays

Local support

The installation was carried out in collaboration with JHernando, as distributor and integrator for Spain and Portugal of the LR-Sorter. By collaborating with a local company, support and adjustments can be carried out quicker and more cost-efficient.

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Project specifications

  • LR-sorter
  • 8.000 small parcels per hour
  • Used to sort small to medium-sized parcel flow
  • Dimensioning, weighing and scanning system (DWS)
  • Automatic top-infeed into sorter
  • 84 exits (two types)
  • Guided by chutes into bags
  • Guided by chutes into trolleys

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