4.000 items / hr

Product characteristics
< 1500 x 900  x 400 mm
< 50 kg

Product range
Parcels, envelopes, cartons


Compact footprint
Due to line layout

The TD-sorter (Twist Diverter) is a modular sorter especially fit for parcels and envelopes. This solution is ideal for applications with a capacity of up to 6.000 items per hour and a limited number of exits.

The application consists of one main module and one or more sorting modules and belt modules. Each sorting module can control several rows with rotating wheels that are driven by a transport motor. This allows exact sensor-controlled and time-based separation of boxes and envelopes. The belt modules are added to provide the correct gap between products and feed them onto the sorter.

All our sorting destinations can be tailored to your requirements. With our experience in sorting solutions, we can advise on the best configuration.

Product specifications

6.000 per hour
Parcels, envelopes, packages, fragile items, crates, totes
Product dimensions
Min: 150 x 150 x 10 H mm
Max: 900 x 1500 mm
Product weight Min: 0.5 kg
Max: 50 kg



Modular design

Small footprint

Plug and play installation

Improve efficiency

Reduce errors

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