Dimensioning, weighing and scanning

Dimensioning, weighing, and scanning or in short DWS is often used in the shipping process. Use cases include estimating shipping costs, enabling efficient shipping, or optimize storage space. By automatically measuring the dimensions and weight, the capacity can be increased and the number of errors can be significantly reduced. We install DWS systems as separate lines or integrated with a sorter.

In shipping applications, it is often required to provide 'legal-for-trade' or 'trade approved' weighing information as parcel and courier companies use weight to determine the costs of a shipment. Additionally, the dimensions can be used for the efficient filling of vans or trucks or determining if the parcel is suitable for mailboxes.

With automatic scanning, we utilize multiple high-performance cameras. These cameras scan the barcodes on items to identify them. The standard equipment includes a top scanner, but this can be expanded with additional scanners to allow scanning from the side or bottom as well. This is also referred to as 1 to 6 sided scanning. By using an omnichannel, operators are relieved of the tasks of having to scan items manually. This saves time and decreases the number of errors.

For our DWS systems, we believe accuracy and reliability are key. To provide our customers with cutting edge technology and reliable readers, we form long term partnerships with leading players in the industry. This allows us to offer high quality and durable products while fully understanding the products and provide excellent support.

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