About us

We are a system integrator for internal logistics, providing end-to-end supply chain solutions all over the world. By combining in-house manufactured systems with integrations from our competent partners we offer our customer end-to-end solutions that realize their ambitions.

In the early days, we started out as a software company focused on integration and warehouse management systems. When lead times for sorting systems and other material handling systems began to stretch, we decided on manufacturing them in-house in the Netherlands. Since then we have built up a wide experience in manufacturing and integrating numerous installations. While we have grown over the years from a handful to over 150 employees, we still take pride in our core values: partnership, know-how and our Dutch straightforwardness.

Our benefits

In-house software

We started out as a software company developing software for warehouses and distribution centers. When the demand for sorters began to rise, we started manufacturing them ourselves in our Dutch facility. Our software development has remained in-house over the years and allowed us to offer turn-key solutions to our customers.


Our flat organisation is characterized by a can-do attitude. We provide solutions that benefit our customers and with our CTO systems this flexibility is reflected in the core of its modular design.

High quality products

We understand our products are used daily and are mission critical. All our products are therefore thoroughly tested for reliability, efficiency and ergonomics before installation. This ensures our products last longer and are easy to use.

25+ years of experience

Over the years we have build up  a solid experience in Material Handling Equipment and system integration. Our employees have a sound understanding of the systems we manufacture and integrate.

Excellent service and support

Our support engineers are certified professionals that are experienced in providing a high level of support. We provide regular checks to ensure uptime for all machinery and offer helpdesk services to provide remote support.

Selection of our customers

Our core values

Customer committed








Projects are envisioned by our system design team and made tangible by engineers and mechanics. The solutions we have installed all over the world are tried and tested in the fashion, e-commerce, and postal market. In these highly competitive markets, we challenge ourselves to stay ahead by investing in innovation, partners, and our customers.

The relationship with our customers and partners has always been our number one priority. Our first line of contact with our customers is our support team. Within logistics, downtime is the enemy. Our support engineers ensure our 200 installations all over the world are running smoothly every day. By solely working with competent partners that value quality as much as we do, we are certain all our installations live up to the expectations.

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