About us

Equinox solutions help our clients achieve a competitive edge while maintaining bottom line profitability. Our industry-proven software provides automated solutions for clients’ local and global challenges. Equinox experts will work with you to design a system optimized to your specific needs. Our team will manage implementation of the system on your site, train your staff, and provide around-the-clock customer service and technical support. Equinox provides long-term partnerships with our clients that ensure our solutions meet client goals as they navigate the ever-changing market.

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Our strengths

In-house software

Our Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Execution System and Warehouse Control System all belong to the VISION family. They all have the same structure and user layout, enabling easy implementation and expansion.


Our flat organisation is characterized by a can-do attitude. We provide solutions that benefit our customers and with our CTO systems this flexibility is reflected in the core of its modular design.

High quality products

We understand our products are used daily and are mission critical. All our products are therefore thoroughly tested for reliability, efficiency and ergonomics before installation. This ensures our products last longer and are easy to use. 

Excellent service & helpdesk

To support your business and guarantee continuity of your important processes, we ensure a high quality support. Our team of experienced professionals are at your disposal with a focus on ensuring a stable operation with minimal down time.

Over 25 years of experience

In the past years our employees have gained a wide experience in in both software and mechanical solutions. This provides us with an extensive background that allows us to fulfil your requirements with proven solutions.

Our customers

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