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Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) companies are faced with the challenge to support the explosive growth of parcel and packet shipping. This can be accelerated by the use of the right automation tools. Our SD-sorter, LR-sorter, and Slide tray sorter are specialized in the handling of small to medium-sized items such as envelopes, small parcels, and packets. For larger postal items we are able to offer alternatives in the form of crossbelt or shoe sorters.

Sorting systems for small to medium sized parcels and packets

Our most popular sorter for outbound postal applications is the SD-sorter. This sorter enables a sorting capacity of up to 14.400 trays per hour and can be delivered in a wide variety of layouts. However, sometimes fragile items might be included in the scope or items that weigh more than 5 kg. Then the slide tray sorter is a viable alternative. The sorting technique is more gentle and allows fragile items to be sorted. This sorter goes up to 12.000 trays per hour.

Parcel companies that are facing a limited amount of space should really consider the LR-sorter. This modular machine is a space saving solution thanks to its vertical or I-shaped layout. With 8.000 trays per hour it's still a high capacity sorter, but the required space is minimised drastically.

Sorting destinations

We have come across a wide range of sorting destinations used in the CEP sector. Our sorters are designed to allow most typical use cases, including roll containers, yorks, bags and gravity rollers.

Not sure which sorter is right for you? More information can be found in our sorter selection guide.

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