14.400 items / hr

Product characteristics
< 750 x 550 x 400 mm
< 5 kg

Product range
Parcels, envelopes


Flexible layouts
Enable efficient use of space

Our SD-sorter is designed for maximum throughput for parcels. The design is based on proven split tray design, but with minor adjustments, it offers a specific solution for parcels. By using a Single Door Tray (SD) instead of a split tray that splits in the middle, we minimize the chance of errors and crashes. Because it opens to one side, the tray can be closed more easily at a closing station than the split tray design. This solution is perfect for envelopes, packets, or postal items.

If you're looking for a sorter that can handle fashion items or light items wrapped in plastic foil as well, the split tray might offer more benefits. The single door tray has a larger surface area than the split tray when opened. Lightweight items tend to stick more, especially when they are damp. This might be cause for more frequent miss-sorts when using the SD-sorter. That's why we advice the split tray for fashion items or lightweight items. In addition we always test items before coming to a final conclusion on the best tray selection.

Single or double
The trays come in various sizes and a single and double variant. The double trays offer a higher capacity when working with small items as two items can be inserted into one tray. This is especially beneficial when working with a large percentage of small items.

Product specifications

7.200 - 14.400 items / hr
(17.600 items / hr with smart distribution)
E-commerce, fashion, poly-wrapped items, packages, small accessories, fragile items
Product dimensions
Min: 100 x 100 x 2 mm
Max: 750 x 550 x 200 mm
Product weight Min: 0.02 kg
Max: 5 kg

Door tray (single)

Door tray (double)


Flexible layout

Improve efficiency

Reduce errors

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