14.400 items / hr

Product characteristics
< 750 x 550 x 400 mm
< 5 kg

Product range
Parcels, envelopes


Flexible layouts
Enable efficient use of space

Our SD-sorter is designed for maximum throughput for small to medium-sized parcels and large envelopes. The design is based on proven split tray design, but with some improvements to offer a solution optimized for parcel customers. By using a Single Door (SD) Tray instead of a split tray, we maximize the uptime and accuracy of this sorter in a parcel environment. This solution is perfect for envelopes, packets, or postal items.

If you're looking for a sorter that can handle fashion items or light items wrapped in plastic foil as well, the split tray might offer a better solution. The split tray has a smaller surface area when opened. Items that are known for sticking to tray sorters are therefore sorted more accurately. That's why we advise the split tray for fashion and apparel items. If needed, we review and test items before coming to a final conclusion on the best tray selection.

Single or double
The trays come in various sizes and a single and double variant. The double trays offer a higher capacity when working with small items as two items can be inserted into one tray. This is especially beneficial when working with a large percentage of small items.

Product specifications

7.200 - 14.400 items / hr
(17.600 items / hr with smart distribution)
E-commerce, fashion, poly-wrapped items, packages, small accessories, fragile items
Product dimensions
Min: 100 x 100 x 2 mm
Max: 750 x 550 x 200 mm
Product weight Min: 0.02 kg
Max: 5 kg

Door tray (single)

Door tray (double)


Flexible layout

Improve efficiency

Reduce errors

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