GLS Spain aims for maximum capacity

We visited Miguel Iwasaki, Engineering senior manager at GLS Spain, to see how their sorter installation is performing. GLS Spain has replaced their existing installation to meet their increasing capacity requirements. Read more about it in our case study "Meeting delivery expectations through advanced sorting".

Miguel says: “The sorter was delivered on time, which allowed us to attend our peak season with a capacity of 10.000 pieces per hour. After the peak season we worked together with Equinox engineers to improve the capacity and the sorter is currently running at 11.400 pieces per hour. However, we are still working on ways to improve these numbers and aim to reach the maximum capacity of 12.000 pieces per hour, or maybe even more. We are currently collaborating on the development of a future project in our new building.”

About GLS
The core business of GLS is their reliable parcel delivery within regular delivery times. To secure a competitive edge for its customers in the European market, GLS offers parcel logistics that work smoothly across national frontiers. GLS is well established in 41 European countries and seven U.S. states. About 50 central  hubs and more than 1,000 depots and agencies are at GLS’ disposal. With its ground-based network, GLS is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe. About 18,000 employees handle 584 million parcels per year.

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To find out more about GLS, please visit their website:

Sorters often involve high investments. When a sorter has been running for years on end it might have lost its perfect fit within your logistic process. This creates headaches for logistics or operations managers. It often takes in a lot of space but is not reaching its full potential anymore. This doesn’t have to mean that you need a brand new sorter. By reviewing the capabilities of the current sorter and how this might fit in your process, an upgrade or alteration might be sufficient. This is where our sorter doctor program comes in.

We first look for symptoms by reviewing system performance and possible pain points. Legacy sorters can be recognized by:

  • Increase in sorter errors & downtime
  • Increase in missorts
  • Worn out components
  • Not meeting the required capacity for current or future operations
  • Legacy software or controls

Our experts perform a quick scan visit for a thorough examination of your system and logistic goals. We always take into consideration the reuse, repair, or modification of existing components or relocation of your sorter to prevent unnecessary costs. Customers like Camaieu, e5 mode or Orchestra Premaman have used this program to upgrade or relocate their sorters. Sometimes the functionalities of the sorter have to be expanded as well. Think about upgrades like an auto-infeed to improve efficiency or small item detection for a changing product mix. This service is not limited to Equinox customers and sorters, but we can also take-over, upgrade or relocate existing sorters from other brands.

The results:

  • Accurate sorting
  • Effective performance
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Software & control back up to speed
  • Extended life cycle

“Our sorting installation is now operating very accurately and efficiently. Thanks to this upgrade the system can perform for many years to follow!”

Erik van den Broeck, Logistics Manager at E5 mode

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