Equinox highly values long-term partnerships. Not only with our clients, but also with distributors, agents and other partners. Together with our partners we are able to provide worldwide coverage with local installation and service. This cuts back installation and maintenance time for our customers and allows a quick response service. It allows our systems to run 24/7 and keep down time at a bare minimum. Long-term partners are crucial to commission and maintain our high quality installations.

Distributors and agents

Our benefits


Our flat organisation is characterized by a can-do attitude. We provide solutions that benefit our customers and with our CTO systems this flexibility is reflected in the core of its modular design.

Wide application range

Our sorters can be used in a wide range of markets. We have installed lots of sorters in retail fashion, parcels, and e-commerce. Also, we have a few installations outside this scope as well in markets such as pharmacy, supermarkets, or books.

High quality products

We understand our products are used daily and are mission critical. All our products are therefore thoroughly tested for reliability, efficiency and ergonomics before installation. This ensures our products last longer and are easy to use.

Integrators in logistics

Our distributors are often integrators themselves and take on projects that go beyond single system delivery. They are faced with a large variety of projects and clients, each with their own approach and solutions. As an integrator, you are responsible for the performance of all systems. The quality of the systems in your portfolio is therefore of the utmost importance. Equinox provides lasting sorters that can be easily installed, expanded and serviced. With our unique understanding of sorters, we are able to help you support your customer. We are able to offer assistance in layouts, system design or just the installation. Our support is matched with your needs.


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