Split tray sorter

Split tray sorter

The split tray sorter is a tray-based bomb bay sortation system, developed to handle flat goods such as packets, books, garments, and accessories. As this sorter drops the items into roll containers or bags, this is not suited for the most fragile items. When looking for a solution that also handles fragile items, the slide tray sorter or the slide tray sorter LR might be a better fit.

The split tray sorter is able to sort outgoing goods for shipment as well as returned goods for restocking. It has a characteristic oval shaped conveyor on which the trays circulate. Our “open oval” design allows operators to work in the open space inside of the oval. Products are transported along the sorter on trays that discharge the items directly into shipping boxes through a bomb bay door mechanism. Products can be inducted into the sorter trays manually or automatically.





Retail, distribution centers, mail and parcel sorting centers and mail-order companies


Packed garments, multimedia, post parcels and electronics

Product dimensions

Minimum: 50 x 50 x 2 mm
Maximum: 650 x 450 x 220 mm

Product weight

Minimum: 0.01 kg
Maximum: 15 kg

Sorting capacity

From 6,000 to 30,000 items/hour

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