Jevaso is speeding up their return process

Jevaso is a fulfillment company focused on streamlining processes and improving its customer’s performance in the clothing industry. Their vision is focused on constant evolution, always responding to the emerging needs of the clothing industry. They achieve this by providing global solutions based on experience and new technologies. In line with this vision, they have expanded their facility in Parets del Vallès in Barcelona with a renovated split tray sorter. This sorter will be solely used to handle returns.

Facing the increasing amount of returns

The need to automate their return process comes from the growing amount of returns in e-commerce business. This is nothing new for e-commerce companies. Over the years returns have become one of the largest challenges in e-commerce logistics. When looking at e-commerce statistics, 30% of online sales is returned, an enormous percentage when compared to the 8.9% returns in brick-and-mortar stores. Before, Jevaso sorted and sealed all returns manually. Jevaso receives items from e-commerce returns and out-of-stock items from retail stores. By implementing a sorting system that automatically sorts the items per SKU, these return items can be restocked and resold faster.


“This sorter enables us to handle the increasing amount of returns and speed up the process of restocking. Thanks to the quick installation, we are confidently facing Black Friday!”


Leticia García Rodrigo, Jevaso

Two from one

The installation of the split tray sorter at their facility in Parets del Vallès was the second sorter in a two-phased project. The first sorter is being used in another Jevaso facility, in Cim del Vallès. To offer a cost-friendly solution, Equinox offered to move and renovate one large existing sorter with 450 stations and reinstalling it as two separate sorters with 220 and 204 stations, both with a capacity of 6.000 trays per hour. The original sorter was completely dismantled in 2016 and in the same year and the first renovated sorter was installed in Cim del Vallès.

The facility in Parets del Vallès has recently been upgraded which allowed the installation of the second sorter. The installation included a renovated split tray sorter with single door trays and will be used to handle returned fashion items, clothing, and accessories. The sorter has been expanded with some new or updated features, including an incline belt conveyor that handles the supply of boxes to the induction platform, scanners, control pc, and trays. In addition, all parts that showed signs of wear and tear were replaced. The complete installation has been completed within five weeks after signing the contract. This was a very important aspect of this project, as it has now been completed in time to face Black Friday and the increase in returns that come along with it.

Independent approach to support

Electrical and mechanical technicians from Jevaso were closely involved during the installation to ensure a smooth handover after installation. They have received elaborate maintenance training which enables them to fix minor failure or malfunction on the spot. In addition, they receive Equinox support for larger issues and spare parts management.

About Jevaso
The Jevaso Group starts its business career in the year 1983 in A Coruña, as an auxiliary business for garment manufacturing. It has since then gradually increased the services it provides, driven by the needs identified in this sector.

The Group now provides services ranging from design, manufacturing, pattern making, ironing, and reoperations to storage, to season surplus management, or to the online sale for any firm. These activities led the company to grow from its headquarters in Arteixo extending to other sites in Zaragoza, Meco (in Madrid), Parets del Vallès, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (in Barcelona), and Braga (in Portugal).

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