Layout options split tray sorter

To maximise the amount of stations in a footprint, we offer a 'closed' or 'open' layout for the split tray sorter (see image below). The open layout is wider then the closed layout and allows the operators to work in the middle of the machine. This maximises the number of stations, as the inside can be used for stations as well.

The open layout is available in a wide oval and extra wide oval. The wide oval offers stations along the length of sorter. On the other hand, the extra wide oval offers stations along the length and width of the sorter. This is an ideal solution for projects that require a large amount of stations and a square or rectangular building layout.

The 'closed' layout is the smallest option and can be used for areas where the width is limited.

Product leaflet

More information about the split tray sorter can be found in our leaflet.

Oval layout (OS)

Wide oval layout (WOS)

Extra wide oval layout (XWOS)

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