Station options

The type of sorter station that best fits your process depends on a number of factors. The choice is influenced by the type of products, the shipping medium and the available footprint. Each station includes a barcode representing the station number and a PTL display to signal the station status to operators around the sorter. Over the years we have come across various use cases and have selected our standard discharge stations on best practices. For the LR-sorter, slide tray sorter, and the split tray sorter. These include:

  • Chutes
  • Cartons
  • Totes
  • Trolleys
  • Roll cages
  • Postal bags

Product leaflet

More information about the split tray sorter can be found in our leaflet.

Chutes (also available as double chutes): These are mostly used for the slide tray sorter or slide tray sorter LR. This exit is especially fit for projects where a buffer is needed. We often see this station in e-fulfilment or fashion projects. Products can be moved from the chute into the shipping medium by operators. The chutes are optimisd to allow ergonomic handling of products. Additionally different packing table layouts are possible upon request. Chutes can also be used in combination with cartons, totes or trolleys. Our double chutes offer a more compact solution, but do increase the overall height of a sorter.

Cartons, totes or trolleys: Can be used for any of our sorters. Based on the shipping medium, we provide chutes with an open end, to directly sort into the carton, tote or trolley. We also provide chutes where the end of the chute can be either closed or opened, offering a buffer when needed. These stations are often used in e-fulfilment or fashion projects.

Roll cages or postal bags: Like the cartons, totes or trolleys, these stations are selected based on the shipping medium. If all products are to be shipped in cages or bags, we can directly sort into them. This saves time as operators don't have to worry about moving products from the chute into the bags or cages. However, these stations are quite high and could affect the height of the sorter. They are often combined with our split tray sorter. Typically, these stations are found in projects involving postal  items or packets.

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