Jennyfer expands their distribution center with two split tray sorters

Located nearby airport of Charles de Gaulle lies the distribution center of Jennyfer, a fashion brand specialised in women’s ready-to-wear clothing. With their stylish and affordable products Jennyfer addresses adolescent girls and young women. To ensure an effective supply to their stores and prepare for expected growth, they have expanded their distribution center with two large split tray sorters.

Excellent for flat goods such as small packets, books, fashion and accessories, the split tray sorter is often a good match for fashion brands, mail and parcel companies. It offers a high sorting capacity and is therefore often used by companies that handle high volumes of items per day. The two sorters for Jennyfer will be used to sort around 25.000 products per hour. By utilizing two induction positions per sorter, the two sorters combined are able to offer a full capacity of 28.800 items per hour.

To enable two exits per station, each station has a flipper plate installed beneath the trays that will divert items to the left or right discharge exit.  As the sorter will be equipped with double trays to fulfil the required capacity, the flipper plates have two positions to sort the products to the correct discharge stations. This is visualised in the image below.

When enough space is available, the wide oval layout of the split tray sorter provides the maximum amount of stations on a given footprint. This layout utilises both sides of the sorter for exits. With a small increase in sorter width this enables double the amount of stations.

Essential collaboration

The two sorters are part of a large system integration, carried out by our distributor Transitic. In these projects communication is vital between all parties. Additionally, there is no room for errors and the integration needs to be carried out accurately. Long term commitments are therefore necessary and allow us to build up a good understanding and combined experience with our partners.

Transitic has been supporting Jennyfer in reaching their goals for the past few years and have created a full optimisation plan with different phases. The two split tray sorters with surrounding conveyors are part of the third phase and are executed before the final phase, which includes the installation and integration of a mini load.

The technical department of Jennyfer has been highly involved as well. From the start of the project they were involved with the technical aspects and helped during the build up and installation. After installation they will be responsible for maintenance of the machine. Therefore extensive support and maintenance training was part of the scope.

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Induction platform"
Impression of the installation at Jennyfer in 3D"
Stations with flipper plate"
Induction screen"
PTL displays"
Double split trays"

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