Flexibility through technology

Secured Mail, established in 2006 as a licensed postal operator, is now one of the largest technology-enabled e-commerce and postal logistics businesses in the UK. The company, with hubs in Luton and Warrington, focuses on four key business areas: e-commerce, bulk mail, unsorted mail, and international. To see how Secured Mail provides added value for its customers, please see their video.

For Secured Mail, flexibility through technology is essential for their present and future logistical success. That is why they asked Equinox MHE to provide a turnkey solution to help them become the first company with a fully automated mail sorting system.

The challenges

  1. Identify the address at high speed, apply a Secured Mail label, and presort the incoming flow of items.
  2. Sorting parcels and large letters at high speed in Royal Mail yorks.
  3. Distributing products that are difficult to sort, such as Royal Mail bags, bundles, and Royal Mail trays with letters.

High speed label line 

A key feature of the turnkey solution in Luton is the high-speed label line with a ‘legal for trade’ certified DWS/OCR unit.

Split tray Sorter

At Secured Mail´s Crick hub, Equinox MHE had installed a bomb bay split tray sorter with oval layout a few years ago. This installation has been moved to the Luton hub and is in use for sorting parcels and large letters. Secured Mail applies this system for clients such as Amazon, City Link, and Debenhams.

Slide Tray Sorter XL tray

Fitted with XL trays, this slide tray sorter is able to distribute a wide range of products, from small, lightweight to big and bulky items.

Even fragile objects, or products with a round or cylindrical shape, can be sorted. Therefore this system is perfectly suited for sorting Royal Mail bags, bundles, and trays with letters. All items slide gently out of the trays onto the driven conveyor belts.


The system provides Secured Mail with an opportunity for growth and flexibility in adapting to new clients’ wishes.

  • Secured Mail is able to sort all postal, parcel, and e-commerce products.
  • Odd shapes and sizes of products do not pose any problem.
  • Automatic high-speed address identification.

“This investment continues our growth in the e-commerce sector working alongside one of our major automation partners - Equinox MHE”

-  James Wilkins, Operations director, Secured mail

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