Equinox has been awarded parcel sorting project for Lietuvos Paštas (LT POST)

AB Lietuvos paštas is the largest provider of postal services in Lithuania. Their services are used by almost 800,000 customers each month. With the continuing increase in parcel post, LT POST decided to invest in automation and selected Equinox for the integration of a parcel sorter with 381 exits. Over the years Equinox has installed numerous parcel sorters throughout Europe. Similar sorters have been installed at customers like GLS, Secured Mail and Royal Mail.

An important feature of the new sorter for Lietuvos paštas is the automatic infeed. In combination with the dimensioning, weighing and scanning systems (DWS) human errors are reduced by employing accurate and fail-safe identification. The automatic infeed ensures the items correctly enter the sorter.

Extra wide oval layout

The SD-sorter has an open layout and allows operators to work in the middle of the machine as well. This maximizes the number of stations in the given space as stations can be placed on both sides of the sorter. To reach the required amount of sorters, the width of the sorter had to be increased as well. This extra wide oval layout allows stations to be placed on all four sides.

This sorter has a nett capacity of 12.000 items per hour and provides Lietuvos paštas with the tools to meet their goals and react to the rapidly changing postal and parcel market.


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