BR Magazacilik: LR-sorter enables consistent quality in B2B and B2C activities

Izmir, a city on Turkey’s Aegean coast has more to offer than just beautiful scenery. The city is well-known for its large port and acts as an excellent transport hub. This is the home of BR Magazacilik, one of the biggest textile companies in Turkey.

BR Magazacilik handles all production and retail operations of various fashion brands, such as Altinyildiz Classics and Beymen Business. The company produces more than 25.000 products per day in their 21.000 square meters headquarters in Izmir, Turkey. To efficiently supply these products to their stores and ship their e-commerce orders, they purchased an LR-sorter. This will be used as an outbound sorter and will sort 6.000 items per hour.

Manual infeed of fashion items into the sorter - BR Magazacilik

Flexibility in use

Beser Turkeli, head of operations at BR Magazacilik tells us a bit more about this step forward: “The fashion brands we service are known for their innovative visions in the clothing industry. We have therefore embraced the omnichannel approach and not only support our local retail stores, but also provide our customers an online shopping store.

The most important goal for this sorter is to improve our store distribution and replenishment. By using the sorter for our retail operations we offer a more efficient and faster way to distribute our items to more than 200 stores. However, we did take our e-commerce orders into account as well. We will use a small number of sort destinations for the handling of our e-commerce orders. These orders will be sorted in totes. These totes will then be sorted to order manually by our operators. By handling our store distribution and e-commerce orders on the same sorter we save a lot of time on picking and sorting.”

Sorter destinations - chutes that function as buffer with option to directly sort into totes - BR Magazacilik

Wide product range

In this project, the choice in sorting solution was limited by the product scope. “We have a broad range of items that pass through our facility” Beser Turkeli continues. “Shirts, sweaters, ties, winter jackets, handbags you name it, we handle it. As long as its related to fashion of course. We were determined to find a solution that was able to handle all these items. We realised that we needed some sort of tray sorter, as these delicately handle small and lightweight items.

During the bidding process we noticed the Equinox LR-sorter was a perfect fit for our needs. It was capable of handling our small and lightweight items as well as our larger plastic wrapped items. The latter often form a challenge in sorting, as the wrapping could stick to the surface or get caught in machinery. Our items were tested extensively to review the accuracy and we are confident that this sorter was the right choice.”

Hopper that conveys items to induction platform - BR Magazacilik


The LR-sorter is known for its modular design which allow quick installation and easy expansion. This is where Beser Turkeli recognised some of BR Magazacilik’s values. “Our values include fast decision making, agility and reliability. This is reflected in the design principles of the LR-sorter and confirmed it’s perfect match.

Lodamaster, Turkish distributor of Equinox was in the lead during the design process. Emir Yigit Aktan, Sales engineer at Lodamaster clarifies the design: “The machine has 54 exits and is about 30 meters in length, offering a compact solution. The picked items are taken to induction platforms by hoppers and conveyors. This increases the induction capacity per operator as they always have a buffer of products to induct. This method has really proven itself in previous installations. On the platform, 4 operators will feed the sorter to achieve a capacity of 6.000 items per hour. With this step up in automation BR Magazacilik is able to reach a higher throughput then before.

“There are a lot of benefits that come with this step forward, such as increased efficiency and throughput. But most of all, this solution will help us to better support our customers.”

Beser Turkeli, head of operations

Our collaboration with Equinox enables us to offer their solutions to our clients. We install the LR-sorter on-site with our peripheral equipment, high level software and interface with the host system. After installation we will also provide maintenance and support and are capable of updating or expanding the sorter in the future with additional equipment or modules.”

Beser Turkeli is confidently facing the coming years with this solution. “There are a lot of benefits that come with this step forward, such as increased efficiency and throughput. But most of all, this solution will help us to better support our customers.”

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Project specifications

  • LR-sorter
  • 6.000 items per hour
  • Used to sort fashion items and apparel
  • Products are taken to the induction platform by conveyors
  • Manual infeed into the sorter
  • 54 exits - guided by chutes into totes

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