Split tray types

We offer two tray types for our split tray sorter: the split tray (bomb-bay) and single door tray. The single door tray is designed to minimise the chance of errors and crashes. Because it opens to one side, the tray can be more easily closed at a closing station than the split tray design. This solution is perfect for envelopes, packets or postal items. However, the split tray offers benefits when sorting fashion items or light items wrapped in plastic foil. The single door tray has a larger surface area than the split tray when opened. Lightweight items tend to stick more, especially when they are damp. This might be cause for more frequent miss-sorts when using the single door tray. That's why we advice the split tray for fashion items or lightweight items.

Product leaflet

More information about the split tray sorter can be found in our leaflet.

Split tray (single)

Single door tray (single)

Single or double

Both trays come in various sizes and a single and double variant. The double trays offer a higher capacity when working with small items as two items an be inserted into one tray. This is especially beneficial when working with a large percentage of small items.

Split tray (double)

Single tray (double)

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