Modexpress has increased their output capacity with 400%

Modexpress provides entire supply chain fulfilment for fashion & lifestyle brands. They do this for a wide array of national and international customers from several warehouses in Helmond and one near Amsterdam. Next to the revenue growth of existing customers and expansion of the overall customer basis, Modexpress was confronted with a shift in order profiles.

How Modexpress is facing growth and a shift in order profiles

A truly fitting solution

To face these challenges, Modexpress was looking for two sorters, one to sort the picked goods to orders and a shipping sorter that sorts the items per courier. However, both the sorters had to fit into the existing warehouse, where a limited amount of square meters were available. Equinox was able to provide a very economic solution. The proposed slide tray sorter has a very sharp turn, which decreases its footprint when compared with similar sorters. The parcel sorter is a vertical sorter and therefore has a very small footprint. The vertical sorter and small radius of the slide tray sorter combined allowed Modexpress to fit both sorters in a relatively narrow space

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