Return sorter

The growing amount of returns in e-commerce business causes an increasing interest in return sortation. Over the years returns have become one of the largest challenges in e-commerce logistics. When looking at e-commerce statistics, 30% of online sales is returned, an enormous percentage when compared to the 8.9% returns in brick-and-mortar stores. Often returns are sorted and sealed manually. By implementing a sorter that automatically sorts the items per SKU, these return items can be restocked and resold much faster.

When handling the returns of fashion items, clothing and accessories, the LR-sorter offers a good solution.With a capacity up to 8.000 items per hour, this sorter is able to handle a wide  variety of items without a problem. When facing a larger throughput, the slide tray sorter would be a better fit. This sorter can handle up to 30.000 items per hour.

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