Our range of systems

We offer a wide range of high-quality systems, including manual sorting systems, order pick systems and warehouse management systems. Additionally we integrate systems from our partners to provide turn-key projects.

Geek+ robotics

Geek+ is leading the intelligent logistics revolution with advanced robotics and AI technologies.


Put-to-light is an effective method for sorting large picking batches. Items could be sorted to stores or individual orders.

Integrated systems

We implement all possible automated peripheral systems for your logistics process. Customized to fit your exact needs.

Warehouse Management

We developed our own door-to-door Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Execution System, and Warehouse Control System.

Order picking

These order picking systems guide operators in the picking process visually, available with RF terminals, or through voice.

Manual sorting

Our manual sorting systems guide operators in the sorting process visually using displays, lights or RF terminals, enabling operators to manually sort products.

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