Internal transport

Getting things from A to B is the main function of all internal transport. Over the years conveyors have proven to be a reliable solution to get this job done. However, with the rise of robotics the number of alternatives is increasing as well. Our in-house engineering enables us to offer simple solutions for complicated requests. Additionally, our partnerships with Geek+ and Itoh Denki fulfil our portfolio and allow us to offer a wide range of solutions. Wether you require a simple or complicated solution our experts are able to provide you with a fitting solution.

We offer conveyor solutions that use your requirements as starting point. This enables a smooth and lean logistic process. With the different conveyor modules we design the most efficient solution including curve, merge, incline and decline conveyors. We use roller and belt conveyors, which allows us to handle even the most delicate items.

Straight roller conveyor
Curved roller conveyor
Merge roller conveyor
Skewed roller conveyor
Straight belt conveyor
Inclined belt conveyor
Curved belt conveyor
Merge belt conveyor

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