Equinox’s in-house programmers developed our Vision Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) software. Depending on project size we can deliver a full door-to-door WMS, a simple WCS and everything in between.


ISO9001 certified

Quality partnerships

Seamless software layers


ISO9001 certified

For all software development projects, we adhere to ISO 9001 standards to ensure our work is clearly structured and well-documented. The development process unfolds in a series of phases that progress from a requirements document to a general system description (GSD) and finally a detailed system description (DSD). These steps ensure that we deliver a precision system that meets all client needs. System programming only begins after the customer approves each of these design phases.

Quality partnerships

We highly value partnership, not only with our customers, but also with our suppliers. This is why we choose for dedicated, long term partnerships. On the software side this is reflected in our partnership with HP for the hardware and our partnership with Oracle for their software solutions.

Software layers

To provide different levels of functionality for different applications, we use seperate software layers. The table below shows the layered architecture of the system and the hardware associated with each layer.

Control layerSoftwareHardware
Order and stock controlERP*Computers, barcode scanners, printers
Task and inventory managementVision WMSComputers, barcode scanners, printers
Warehouse automationVision WCSComputers, barcode scanners, printers
High level sorter controlExactComputers, servers, barcode scanners
Low level sorter controlStarsortControl computer, cameras, volumizers
ElectricalElectrical controls and communication
MechanicalMechanical sorter
*ERP software is customer specific and not part of the delivery by Equinox


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