Sorting logic

We offer a number of standard process settings. Often a single setting is used for a sorter, but combinations of different modes can be made available on a single sorter on request.

Inbound sorting

This process can be used in retail, e-commerce or omnichannel applications. Inbound items are sorted to storage areas or product types. Results of this sort can be used as a final count. It also enables cross-docking, directly sorting inbound items to order.

Order sorting

Often used in e-commerce or omnichannel processes, this process is capable of sorting batches to customer-specific orders. Items are delivered to the sorter in carrying units or as single units. Sort destinations can be one order or a group of orders if further sorting is part of the process.

Replenishment or retail sorting

Replenishment sorting is part of the process to provide stock to the stores. Products to the sorter can be delivered in carrying units or as single units. Replenishment sorting is a batch driven process. Multiple batches can be active at the same time, provided that there is enough place on the sorter to accommodate all sort destinations.

Returns sorting

Return sorting process will be used to count products received from stores or customers and to sort them to certain groups or locations in the warehouse.

Shipping sorting

For retail and e-commerce companies a shipping sorter is often used to sort per carrier. The decision for a specific carrier can be made by the WCS, based on the dimensions, weight, postal code, country, carrier ID, or combinations.

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