Vision WMS

Vision WMS is a complete door-to-door Warehouse Management System for retail, e-commerce, 3rd party logistics (3pl) and wholesale companies. Its advanced architecture allows it to be delivered as an off-the-shelve product or as a highly customized system, depending upon the specific needs of the customer. Version 6 works on and supports Oracle Database 11g R2.

Flexible and scalable system

Vision WMS integrates barcode scanning, voice recognition and wireless data entry, collection, and exchange with a flexible, powerful and fast rule-based client-server architecture. By supporting operations with multiple warehouses (satellite sites), multiple work zones, and multiple processing types, Vision WMS delivers enterprise-level flexibility and scalability.

Together with an automated sortation system, Vision WMS provides the most powerful solution for a distribution environment. Hang, flat, and carton sorters along with conveyors and manual sortation come together into one total system. Vision WMS support for different distribution and wave generation types gives the speed, flexibility and accuracy companies need in today’s highly competitive economy.


  • Receiving, picking and shipping
  • Tracking inventory
  • Tracking tasks and status of operators
  • Commnicates to the ERP system

Location in your IT landscape

  • ERP
  • Vision WMS
  • WCS
    • Exact
    • Starsort
WMS workflow

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