Vision WCS

Successful distribution systems require powerful and flexible software in order to achieve the highest productivity and profitability today and in the future. The Vision Warehouse Control System is an intelligent collection of software modules that control warehouse control process from the inbound handling and distribution to shipping. Vision WCS can manage any number of sorters, manual sorting areas, X-dock processing areas, packing lines, and shipping sorters and integrate them into one virtual distribution system.

Vision WCS provides all you need for daily planning: real-time information on system status, workload, and performance, overall and per operator. Derived from Vision WMS, Vision WCS shares many of the same administration and management modules. It also includes an extensive statistical system to analyze and optimize the productivity of the system. The Vision WCS exist of two modules, Exact and StarSort.


  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Forecasts
  • Process logic

  • System specific controls
  • System status
  • Workload
  • Performance
  • User friendly UI

Exact - High level software

Exact is designed for controlling the process of sorting quantities of the same items represented as SKU or distribution to a certain number of stores, routes or customers. The Exact system can be installed on any sorter type that Equinox's StarSort system can control.

Exact controls the distribution process at a high software level by providing the user interface for the Equinox StarSort control system. Exact ensures control of the automatic distribution process on the sorter through communication with StarSort.

StarSort - Low level software

StarSort is an integrated hardware and software system that controls Material Handling Equipment (MHE) in distribution centers. It can control all sorters manufactured by Equinox, but also sorters or other equipment manufactured by third parties. StarSort provides a single scalable solution to material handling equipment requirements in the modern distribution center. As a modular system, StarSort is scalable, so additional modules can be plugged into the system as the need arises, and existing modules can be easily expanded to meet changing needs and accommodate growth. StarSort provides the operator a clear view into the control process with the StarGaze user interface. All StarSort modules can be monitored and controlled from a single network workstation. StarSort integrates with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) through the StarLink interface. Distribution instructions can be sent from a host WMS, and distribution results can be reported by StarSort to the host.

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