Improved services by a automated process

Secured Mail delivers over 500 million items every year for businesses, retailers and organizations of all shapes and sizes. They are one of the largest e-commerce, postal and retail logistics businesses in the UK. Their solutions include bulk mail, e-commerce, retail and international delivery.

To improve their services, Secured mail has been streamlining their operations. Thanks to their drive to improve, their hubs in Luton and Warrington have seen large growth in efficiency. With e-commerce and postal services, the hubs handle a great variety of items. Due to this variety, these items can be hard to sort, like Royal Mail bags, bundles or trays with letters.

Increasing the efficiency of hubs

Secured mail and Equinox MHE start their partnership with two slide tray sorters in Luton and Warrington. Since then, they have been looking for improvements to existing systems and processes.

An important benefit of the slide tray sorter was the fact that it handles a wide range of products. This enables automatic distribution of packets and e-commerce items. In addition, the system handles fragile packets and items with atypical shapes like round or cylindrical packages.

To improve ergonomics, Equinox MHE placed the input at correct working height, set the input trays at the best angle and installed extendable arms to adjust monitors for each operator. Thanks to the improved workstations, operators can now work safely and efficiently.

Steady improvement

There were two challenges for the Luton hub. First of all, the pre-sorting of incoming items. To sort these items, the system needs to recognise the address at high speed and rapidly apply a label.  The new high speed label line allows operators to directly place items on a pocket belt conveyor. The label line then scans, weighs, measures and applies a label to the items. The Optical Character Recognition software identifies items and sends the data to the label applicator. Finally, at the end of the line items a crosstrack sorter drops the items into the correct magnum box.

Another challenge was the quick sorting of packets and large letters in Royal Mail yorks. A earlier installed split tray sorter in the Crick hub turned out to be the solution. Equinox MHE decomissioned the sorter and moved it to Luton. It now handles packets and envelopes for clients such as Amazon, City link and Debenhams.

A lasting partnership

Strong partnerships are crucial in this competitive economy. Therefore Equinox MHE focuses on relationships that go beyond one-off projects. Above all, we value our customers and understand our systems support critical operations. Therefore, support has grown as the cornerstone of our organization and our support employees are available around the clock.

“This investment continues our growth in the e-commerce sector working alongside one of our major automation partners - Equinox MHE”

James Wilkins, Operations director

By working together with clients through service and expansions, we believe both parties learn from each other. In addition, they can better align to each other’s needs. By closely working together, clients benefit from our solutions, but also play an active role in developing new products. This is how we support companies like Secured mail and help them stay future ready.

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