Package labeling

Package labeling systems can be integrated into your warehouse logistics system. These systems merge data from dimensioning, weighing and scanning systems to automatically print labels and apply them to packages. Labels can be affixed either to the side or top of the package or both. We offer a full function high speed label line that uses a Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning system to measure the volume and weight of items and identifies them by using a barcode or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner. This DWS is legal for trade certified, which is often required to define freight cost for packages.

The label line is often used to measure and label incoming goods. Additionally, a cross track sorter can be added to the end of the line to presort these incoming items based on their next destination. The line carries out a number of automated tasks in the following order:

  1. Induction: operators put the packages and envelopes on the conveyor belt.
  2. DWS and OCR: The DWS measures the volume and weight of items and identifies them by using a barcode or OCR scanner.
  3. Labeling: Two labeling machines are installed underneath the conveyor. Two machines were required to enable 3.000 items per hour.
  4. Cross track sorter: The items are sorted to one of three exits that determine their next destination

For Secured Mail, we have created a high speed labelline, including a dimensioning, weighing and scanning system, with OCR software, a label applicator and at the end of the line, a cross track sorter that sorts the item into the correct magnum box.


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