Equinox MHE and Dero introduce a new induction robot

Equinox MHE and Dero, two Dutch automation companies join forces in launching a new induction robot. The call for automation in the parcel market has never been louder. With parcel volumes expected to rise 10-14% each year the market needs to move fast to maintain a high service level. The introduction of this induction robot will take place at this year’s Post Expo.

As a system integrator in the parcel and postal business, Equinox noticed this demand for automation first-hand. “We are an expert in automated sorting solutions and have installations at parcel companies like GLS and DPD” says Peter Voet, sales director at Equinox MHE. “Our sorting solutions offer a high level of automation, but do not provide a 100% automated system. There are always people needed at the infeed or outfeed.”

Combining quality with efficiency

Couriers and parcel companies are experiencing high pressure on their throughput. At the same time, it’s hard to find enough people that are willing to work as an operator. “With companies working night shifts or even around the clock, it’s challenging to keep up the high-quality standard. Robots have one huge advantage. They never need a break and never get sick. This robot picks over 250.000 items per week in 24/7 operations. This provides a good return on investment.”

Peter continues. "We are dedicated to finding a great solution that helps our customer keep up their quality while increasing throughput. Parcels come in all shapes and sizes and picking up the variety of items is extremely challenging. We turned to Hellebrekers to partner and collaborate on finding the best solution for the parcel industry. Things are moving fast and a large international parcel company has already purchased the first installation from Equinox MHE and Hellebrekers. We are confident this induction robot enables a fully automated infeed for our sorters and combines quality with efficiency."

What to expect

The new induction solution will be released at this year’s PostExpo. At the show, there will be a demo that shows the potential of a robotic infeed in combination with Equinox sorters. Visit our stand 10.325. The full speed cel will be showed on the Dero-Yaskawa stand. Download our flyer here:  PDF

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