Warehouse management

Equinox’s in-house programmers developed our door-to-door Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Execution System, and Warehouse Control System software. For all software development projects, we adhere to ISO 9001 standards to ensure our work is clearly structured and well-documented. The development process unfolds in a series of phases that progress from a requirements document to a general system description (GSD) and finally a detailed system description (DSD). These steps ensure that we deliver a precision system that meets all client needs. System programming only begins after the customer approves each of these design phases.

Vision family

All of our warehouse management solutions are part of the Vision family. Each is designed with the same structure and user layout to allow the modular integration of multiple systems.

Vision WMS

The Vision Warehouse Management System is a complete system for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, retailers, public warehouses and 3rd party logistics providers.

Vision WES

The ideal solution for customers who have legacy software systems that need to be optimized while avoiding the high costs and risks associated with legacy system modifications.

Vision WCS

Productive and flexible distribution control systems need powerful and flexible software in order to achieve the highest productivity and profitability both today and into the future.

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