Vision family

Vision family

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Execution System (WES), and Warehouse Control System (WCS) all belong to the Vision family of software products. Each is designed with the same structure and user layout to allow the modular integration of multiple systems. This makes it easy for clients to begin with the implementation of a single module, such as our Vision WCS for order picking, and eventually grow to our complete WMS. Additionally, the Vision family of software can interface with most existing WMS and ERP systems.

In comparison to many WMS's our software has several advantages:

  1. Most WMS systems have problems with real-time processing. Within an ERP many tasks are done in batches, which is mainly caused by reporting purposes. This can slow the system down enormously. During these times response time for real-time tasks like scanning barcodes is very long.
  2. Most ERP and WMS systems are very good at capturing activities (registration of history) but struggle with process management in the warehouse. Most WMS and ERP systems are written from an administration or financial point of view, which makes them less suited to control material handling equipment on the work floor. This makes it difficult to integrate other material handling systems like sorters, AS/RS systems and conveyors. On the other hand, Equinox WMS systems are written from an operational point of view that allows for a flexible implementation that addresses warehouse operations.
  3. Most ERP and WMS systems do not support productivity measurement and management on the work floor. This feature can be easily integrated into our Vision software products.

These are the major reasons why many of our customers chose to implement our Vision software with their existing ERP or WMS.

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