Hang sorter


10.000 items / hr

Product range
Fashion items


Product characteristics
< 15 kg

Equinox Hang Sorter systems can sort products at speeds up to 10.000 sorts per induction point per hour. Standard installation includes synchronized spindle, hook separator and double hanger detection for easy and efficient induction of your products. Automatic scanning of garments and/or separation-hangers with pre-induction are also available.

The Hang Sorter is designed for sorting single hanging garments on mixed types of hangers. Various system types are available to best suit your specific needs. Our in-house experts will analyze your requirements and select the system which best suits your business.

The system is constructed from standard modules that can be combined to suit any application. The system is highly flexible with endless layout configurations available to maximize the efficiency of your building.

Product specifications

10.000 items / hr
Fashion items
Product dimensions
Normal garments, other requirements on request
Product weight Min: 0.02 kg
Max: 15 kg

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Reduce errors

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