Inbound sorter

Fulfilment companies are dealing with a great number and range of incoming items. These need to be recorded in an inventory control system and stored in a way that ensures the most efficient picking route. When there's a high amount of incoming goods, a sorter could help by presorting items to their location in the warehouse or prepare them for further handling down the supply chain. If a certain percentage of items need to pass quality control before moving to their storage location, this can be achieved by adding a random sample exception in our software. Items are scanned before entering the sorter, which automaticcaly updates the inventory control system.

Items often come in parcels of varying sizes and might also include envelopes, plastic bagged items or fragile items. The inbound sorter should therefore be able to handle a wide range of items.

A number of our sorters are fit as an inbound sorter. The most agile sorter for inbound applications with a capacity up to 8.000 products per hour is the LR-sorter. If a higher capacity is needed, the slide tray sorter is a better fit for the job. This sorter enables a sorting capacity of up to 30.000 items per hour. Finally, the Split tray sorter could be the right fit if the products are small parcels, not fragile and weigh less than 3 kg. This sorter also achieves a capacity of 30.000 items per hour and can be delivered in a wide variety of layouts.

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