Promese ready to go the distance by optimizing their sorting process

Customer success story: Promese

Promese is a logistics service provider, specialized in omnichannel fulfillment. By offering services for wholesale, retail, and e-fulfillment they offer a unique advantage and prove to be a versatile partner for business to business and business to consumer channels. A year ago, they expanded their sorting process, so we visited them to evaluate the project with Christine Roukema, Logistics manager at Promese.

“We used to work with a zone picking warehouse, which meant that each order went through the warehouse separately, with items being added every time. In addition, we worked with picking lists on which we could pick up to 6 orders maximum. Our biggest frustration was that we had to travel a lot of meters repeatedly and that we could take very few items with us at the same time.
We were looking for a solution that could be widely used for all our product groups, both fashion, and home entertainment, and we also found it important that the storage method would remain simple and generic.”

The combination of articles created a challenge because this varied from CDs and LPs to all sorts of clothing, shoes, and accessories. The solution has been installed by Equinox and included a Slide tray sorter, RF-terminal, high- and low-level control software and an interface with the Warehouse Management System of Promese. Christine: “With the sorter, we can collect large numbers of items at the same time and the sorter distributes them per order. In addition, we have built our own iOS software (Apple), which enables us to put together efficient pick batches that look at locations and thus determine the most efficient route. This also reduced the number of meters we must walk.

The collaboration with Equinox was very pleasant. We had several complex issues and they really thought along with us and put a lot of time into finding the right solution. In the end, this led to a good result, which we are very satisfied with. Both during and after the implementation, they were always available and always present to think along with the wishes we had. This led to a good result which we are very satisfied with.”

About Promese
Promese is a company with years of experience in logistics, but are young of heart, energetic, and innovative when it comes to (IT) technology. They offer complete solutions when it comes to e-fulfillment, wholesale, and retail, also known as omnichannel. Customers can outsource their business to business and business to consumer flows.

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