Orion is expanding their portfolio with the Equinox LR-sorter

Equinox MHE and Orion MIS have collaborated on the installation of a large number of sorting systems within the parcel sector. Orion is looking to up the game and expand their services and product portfolio, it was the right time to further discuss the partnership. With the LR-sorter, they are able to offer a versatile sorting machine.

Orion enhances user experience and aims to deliver unrivalled customer service. Their independent experts in automation and engineering have over 15 years of experience in various markets. They have an extraordinary drive to help customers find the right products and hardware to enhance their operation.

"We are convinced the LR-sorter offers a lot of potential for our current and future customers"

Danny Grigg, Sales and Systems Director at Orion MIS

“During our joint projects we noticed we were on the same level in terms of project approach and customer-oriented service” says Danny Grigg, Sales and system director at Orion MIS. “We were enthusiastic about the quality and reliability of the sorters we installed together. We have customers in a wide range of markets and were therefore looking for a solution that was able to handle a large variety of items. We are convinced the LR-sorter offers a lot of potential for our current and future customers.”

Frank Valkenburg, LR-sorter product manager confirms the potential of the LR-sorter in the United Kingdom. “In general, we see an increasing interest in automation in the CEP and e-commerce market due to the rising amount of parcel deliveries in combination with seasonal peaks and labour shortages. Automation offers the answer to cope with these challenges while maintaining flexibility. The United Kingdom has a booming e-commerce market and is one of the countries with the largest number of parcels per capita. With the LR-sorter we are able to provide companies active in these markets with a high capacity sorter for their parcels or e-commerce items. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Orion and helping their customers to reach their goals!”

Danny Grigg signing the distribution contract

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