JHernando has become the LR-sorter distributor for Spain and Portugal

After successfully installing a single door parcel sorter for GLS in Madrid together, JHernando has taken the next step and became the exclusive distributor of the Equinox LR-sorter in Spain and Portugal.

JHernando is located in Spain and is run by three brothers, Juan Francisco, Jesús, and José Manuel Hernando. The company has been around for 50 years in the manufacturing and integration of Material handling equipment. They have executed successful projects in distribution, parcel, e-commerce, and logistics in general. The LR-sorter was a perfect addition to their portfolio, answering the demand for a versatile sorter suited for e-commerce and parcel businesses.

“We believe there is a good match with Equinox in terms of experience and the type of markets we approach.”

Juan Fransisco Hernando, CEO at JHernando

Juan Francisco Hernando, CEO at JHernando says:The rise of e-commerce has increased the demand for solutions that sort low weight, small parcels at high speeds. The LR-sorter covers a large portion of this demand and has a very short delivery time when compared to the industry standard. In addition, we believe there is a good match with Equinox in terms of experience and the type of markets we approach. During the installation in GLS, the idea came to life to collaborate more frequently than just for this one project, we have now realized this with this distribution contract.”

Frank Valkenburg, LR-sorter product manager: “The LR-sorter is designed for effortless installation, expansion and maintenance. This makes it easier for our distributors to install and service the sorter. With an experienced and competent party like JHernando, we rest assured that our sorters are implemented correctly and the installations live up to our customer's expectations!”

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To find out more about JHernando, please visit their website:

Juan Francisco Hernando, CEO JHernando

Mick Verberne, General manager and
Frank Valkenburg, LR-sorter product manager

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