Finding the best method of digital or augmented reality (AR) support for maintenance

Regular maintenance or support visits are vital to keeping installations running smoothly. But these visits, especially for small repairs involve a lot of travel time. Now with the COVID pandemic and the travel bans that followed, the call for remote support is even stronger. What tools could we use to enable remote support for our clients?

This is the question our R&D Project Manager Tjalling Dolman was determined to answer. In collaboration with Tim Bosch, Gu Van Rhijn, and Aijse de Vries from TNO we worked on a project. In this project, the team has tested potential human-centered tools like Augmented Reality to execute maintenance or support tasks remotely.

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Digital work instructions test - microsoft hololens
Digital work instructions test - Hololens
Digital work instructions test - smart glasses
Digital work instructions test - Tablet

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