Why we install machines in-house before shipping

It sounds contradictory, but it's not. By installing in-house we save time. As we are finishing up the installation of one of our LR-sorters in-house, In the video below we talk with Tjalling Dolman our project manager to see why this in-house installation is so important and which benefits this brings to our customers. Prefer to read about it? Text continues below the video.

Tjalling explains: "By building it up in-house we can verify that the sorter is complete before sending it to the customer. We have designed this sorter for quick installation and expansion, so we just need a few days to take it apart and reinstall it on-site. To achieve this we reviewed every part and component to see where we can save time. At our engineering department we have two rules: use as few parts as possible and as few different parts as possible.

Prime examples are our electrical connections and motor. All cable ducts are integrated in the frame, eliminating the need to separately install or assemble this. Each module has a cable box which allows plug and play connection for all cables. And lastly, the three-in-one motor functions as a drive, frequency controller and encoder, which again gives us less parts. This approach is fully in-line with our strategy, which is focused on drastically reducing the delivery time."

“This is a money saver when expanding current installations as we minimise the down-time of the current installation.”

Tjalling Dolman, Project manager at Equinox MHE

After installing it in-house, the sorter can be easily split up into the separate modules. These are all 2 meters long and a perfect fit for trucks or other means of transport. This brings us to the next step in the process. The installation at the customer.

We always mention delivery time when talking about our key benefit, but the down-time for our customer is evenly important. Tjalling continues "The down-time on-site has everything to do with installation time. With traditional sorters, time spent on-site could be months. By reducing the time we need on-site we have transformed our on-site installation to a superfast in-and-out process. This is a money saver for customers that are expanding current installations or who are already working on-site as we minimise the down-time of the current installation."

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