LED Put-to-light cabinets

Put-to-light is an effective method for sorting large batches to individual customer orders. Typical applications of put-to-light use lights and displays that guide operators through the sorting process. After scanning the product, a blue light turns on at the station where the item should be put. When a order is complete, the system shows a different colored light, often green. We have improved our put-to-light system by using LED strips instead of the typical display. This offers a number of benefits. The most important advantage is the improvement in providing a clear guidance which reduces the risk of miss-sorts. Each cabinet has monitors and scanners to display tasks and progress. Operators can adjust the monitor to the perfect working height with the extendable arm. These cabinets are also offered as cover frames, offering full put-to-light functionality for existing or movable cabinets.

LED indications

Traditional PTL cabinets use a display in combination with a single light indication in a horizontal position. By using LED strips in a vertical position, we maximise the visibility. In addition, we have 10 LEDs per location that we can control separately. This allows us to work with patterns and different colours to guide the operators and  opens up a new range of possibilities.We can control the colors and patterns for each specific solution, but standard settings include green, blue, orange and red colour codes to indicate specific tasks or errors. After scanning an item, the LED lights indicate the location by fully lighting the left side and partially lighting the right side. Two colours are used to indicate this task, blue and green. By alternating these colours, the operator has a visual verification of a finished task. For example, if two consecutive products should be put in the same pigeonhole, the colour changes and the operator knows the second product should be put in the same location. Once a location is finished, the LED lights on the picking side light up green. This very visible solution supports the operators in efficiently and comfortably handling the items.


  • LED strips can project all possible RGB colours per individual light
  • For large orders, multiple locations can be used
  • Cost efficient when compared to traditional PTL modules
  • Flexibility in display of different tasks: (in)complete orders, specific errors
  • Easy to combine with sorter for two-step sorting
  • Can be used as standalone system as well

Put to blue pigeonhole

Put to green pigeonhole

Finished orders

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