A compact sorting solution: introducing the LR-sorter

The vertical LR-sorter sorts a wide range of products to predefined destinations. The trays enable bi-directional (left-right) sorting, which maximizes the number of exits in a small footprint.

Peter Voet, Sales manager says: “Within the postal and e-fulfilment segments, we noticed an increasing demand for compact sorters. Up until now, we didn’t have a product to answer for that specific request. To fill this gap we designed the LR-sorter. This sorter can be used for outgoing goods, but is also capable of handling returns, which is a growing challenge in e-fulfilment.

It is based on our proven slide tray technology, but the trays are redesigned to enable bi-directional (left-right) sorting. We offer two tray types for this sorter, a single and double tray. The tray selection is based on the customer’s product dimensions and capacity needs.

The I-shaped layout allows installation on a small footprint due to the vertical circulating trays. The strength lies in the sortation of a wide range of products, from large and heavy products to smalls and delicates. We can sort even the smallest items, starting at dimension of 10 x 40 millimeters. We have years of experience with our slide tray sorter and applied all our lessons learned from the slide tray sorter in this new design.”

Like Equinox's existing sorters, the products can be inducted either automatic or manual. When using an automatic induction, the products are inducted by using a belt conveyor, installed above the trays. Peter continues: “At the automatic induction point, the trays are in a horizontal position. After an item is inducted, the tray will assume either a left or right position based on the required exit. This action occurs before the first exits. By already taking an angled position, the tray allows the item to be sorted in a more gentle movement once it reaches the exit.”

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