Fizyr joins Equinox on POST-EXPO 2018

Automation in the Postal & Parcel industry is the future and will increase operational throughput, so let’s prepare for the future today! The Postal & Parcel market is continuously challenged to reduce sorting errors and cut cost. Autonomous robots use AI & deep learning to induct (even unknown) parcels on fully automated sorter systems and are able to work 24/7 without human intervention – and of course without the need for sleep, a hot cup of coffee, or a trip now and then to the sunny Algarve. The combination between state of the art Equinox sorter solutions and smart Fizyr deep learning vision software for automated parcel handling, can potentially help the Postal Service cut costs, increase efficiency, and even enable new services.

Besides working closely with our clients to optimize our sorting systems, Equinox also works on partnerships in specific areas to create added value for its clients. Mick Verberne, Business Development Director of Equinox, says: "In this rapidly developing industry it is important that we as a company can respond quickly to all changes. This is only possible if we are surrounded by a dream team of partners who are best in their field and just as eager for development as we are. I am very proud that we participate together with Fizyr on the POST-EXPO 2018!”

Come and have a look at our booth nr B2.333 for a demonstration!

About Fizyr

Fizyr integrates advanced vision software into robot systems to handle objects varying in shape, size and colour. Through their deep learning algorithm, robot systems learn to recognize unknown objects autonomously. Equipping robots with Fizyr frees hands from repetitive tasks and greatly speeds up automated processes.

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