Expanding our e-fulfilment and retail portfolio with the i-Collector

Order picking still remains one of the most time-consuming and labor intensive activities. Often, this still is a manual or semi-automated process. There are numerous options to prevent picking from becoming your organization’s bottleneck. To offer customers a fully automated solution, Equinox MHE has partnered with i-Collector and from now on offers the i-Collector as one of the possible buffer systems.

Dynamic and flexible storage system

The i-Collector is a three-dimensional storage system. It acts as a buffer device for totes and trays or stacks of totes and cartons, delivering them from and to operators through transportation systems or AGV’s. This buffer device is designed for e-commerce, fashion, electronics and retail applications and therefore makes a perfect fit with Equinox’s experience in these markets.

“The i-Collector is a modular and scalable buffering solution based on proven technology. We usually work with system integrators like Equinox MHE. They are able to coordinate the project, interface our system and supply the peripheral systems. Moreover, they are well experienced in our target markets. By outsourcing the implementation to Equinox MHE, we can truly focus on the I-collector and ensure that we remain innovative in this challenging market.”

Fred Bokhorst, General Manager CEO, i-Collector

About I-collector

i-Collector is a three-dimensional dynamic storage system. It is a ground-breaking and patented new type buffer device and is designed to support a wide range of standard totes and trays to store and handle an extensive range of products and is applicable in various environments and industries as Fast mover Consuming Goods,, Fashion, Food, Retail, Electronics, Pharma, Cosmetics and Automotive. All based on customer requirements.

Designed for optimum performance, i-Collector handles trays and totes or stack of totes and cartons, delivering them to and from operators or robots through transportation systems or AGV’s. i-Collector offers fast pick-up and delivery, dense storage and smooth operation. I-Collector achieves outstanding space and footprint utilisation. The use of energy recovery units also provides both financial and environmental benefits.

i-Collector is a modular, flexible and scalable buffering solution based on proven technology to support your business needs today and into the future.

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