Our helpdesk is the heart of our service department and offers a first-line telephonic response service. As the first point-of-contact with our customers, our service engineers are on standby to help you achieve minimal downtime. An essential element of the Equinox maintenance and customer support service is the ability to establish a remote connection to the system to analyze and solve IT problems remotely.

Depending on the customer requirements and business type we define response times for telephonic responses (up to 24/7), specialist responses, remote connection, and on-site support. Making sure you are in control of your system.

Proper training is key to high-performing operators, mechanics, and operations. Operators must feel confident when using the system and know what they should and shouldn’t do to maximize their efforts. We offer training to ensure operators reach the desired level of skill. This not only improves efficiency but also prevents unnecessary emergency stops or crashes, slowing down all others as well.

Mechanics, in addition, fulfill a crucial role by keeping the system in mint condition. Depending on the skillset of personnel and the requirements of customers we offer technical training that provides the foundation to keep the system up and running. Our customers often have technical personnel available on-site. Our service contracts involve four layers of maintenance echelons. In these echelons we define tasks that can be carried out by own staff and which need to be carried out by qualified Equinox personnel.

Echelon 1: Simple tasks, no technical skills required
Echelon 2: More complex tasks, mechanic of customer with Equinox training
Echelon 3: Complex tasks, Equinox or Equinox partner
Echelon 4: Specialist tasks, Equinox

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