To support your business and guarantee continuity of your important processes, we offer two types of maintenance, corrective and preventive maintenance. Both are necessary to ensure a stable operation with minimal downtime.

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance includes our support helpdesk with highly skilled personnel that are able to directly support you. Depending on preferences and requirements we can offer direct servicing by Equinox personnel or if fast action is required we offer training for local employees or a third party to solve a large part of the issues. Corrective maintenance is a standard part of our contract and offers our customers the certainty of quick support when in need.

Preventive maintenance

Our preventive maintenance is based on years of experience with logistics systems and servicing them. We advise a maintenance check up every half year to check the mechanical status of equipment and amount of wear and tear. During this maintenance visit, qualified Equinox personnell will thoroughly review all systems and see if any repairs or replacements are necessary to prevent down time.

Training of own staff

Our customers often have technical personnel available on-site. These can be trained to perform part of the maintenance or repair activities if preferred. Our service contracts involve four layers of maintenance echelons. In these echelons we define tasks that can be carried out by own staff and which need to be carried out by qualified Equinox personnel.

Echelon 1: Simple tasks, no technical skills required
Echelon 2: More complex tasks, mechanic of customer with Equinox training
Echelon 3: Complex tasks, trained mechanic of Equinox partner
Echelon 4: Specialist tasks, trained Equinox expert

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