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Internship or thesis at Equinox MHE

Are you looking for a internship or graduation project? We believe in the strength of students and young graduates. We offer positions for technical students and graduates of all levels. However, if you are looking for a less technical position, feel free to send an open application for other departments.

Our working environment is characterised by flexibility, enthusiasm, and growth. A perfect place to start your career. To remain innovative we need the right people that are aware of the latest developments. We have learned that young graduates often come up with new and exciting ideas. We provide the proper guidance and share our years of experience to make these ideas become reality.

Equinox is an innovative system integrator for logistics. We develop and produce different types of sorting systems. The projects we install often exists of a sorter combined with peripheral equipment like conveyors, scanners, label applicators and more.

We offer challenging internships or graduation projects with growth opportunities and enthusiastic, passionate colleagues. Together with your supervisor you will look for the assignment that suits you.



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