Manual sorting systems

Manual sorting systems

With the guidance of our manual sorting systems, operators can sort SKUs quickly and accurately. Thanks to our extensive experience designing and implementing these systems, we can find the optimal solution for your specific needs. In close cooperation with our customers, our specialized associates engineer the ultimate solution to achieve your goals.


Scan2sort is an RF-guided manual sorting system, suitable for all types of products. Rather than fixed displays to issue instructions, mobile radio frequency terminals direct users during the process.


Screen2sort is a computer aided manual sorting system that offers all the logistics planning benefits of an automated sorting system, such as carton content and waves.


In a Put2light system, lights guide the operator to the exact warehouse locations where ordered articles are to be put.


Combining the flexibility of Scan2sort and the ergonomics of Screen2sort, Touch2sort uses touchscreens and wireless scanners to guide the operator.

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