LED put-to-light frame

The put-to-light frame can be placed in front of any cabinet and offers the same put-to-light functionality as our LED put-to-light cabinets. These frames are an ideal solution if you already own sorting cabinets and you're looking for an upgrade. It also offers a great alternative when your packing zone is not directly connected to the sorting zone. The cabinets can be put on wheels to allow transport between the two zones. You can simply move the cabinet away from the PTL frame and put another one in its place.


  • Can be used with movable cabinets
  • Cost efficient when compared to traditional PTL modules
  • LED strips can project all possible RGB colours per individual light
  • For large orders, multiple locations can be used
  • Flexibility in display of different tasks: (in)complete orders, specific errors
  • Easy to combine with sorter for two-step sorting
  • Can be used as standalone system as well


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