Sorting robot

Traditional manual sorting becomes increasingly difficult to meet the required efficiency and accuracy. This also brings problems such as high administrative cost and damaged parcels. The parcel sorting robots enable fast automatic sorting through the cooperation with industrial code reading equipment, and send parcels to the corresponding shipment port. Many robots can be scheduled together to achieve efficient and accurate sorting operation. The system includes Geek+ sorting robots, steel platform, industrial code reading equipment and charging station.


Geek+ sorting robot could be applied in the sorting step of postal and express industry. The system meets the requirement for small and medium-sized parcel sorting.


  • Fast and accurate parcel delivery
  • Flexible intelligent scheduling
  • Fast , stable positioning and walk
  • Advanced automatic charging


  • Increased sorting efficiency, 10000-20000 unit/hour
  • Save 80% labor than manual sorting 
  • Flexible robots arrangement according to business volume
  • Short-term Return On Investment within 12 month


S20C S20T
Weight (kg) 75 70
Pay load (kg) 20 8
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 560 x 600 x 1027 560 x 510 x 1335
Drive mode Two-wheel differential drive
Speed 2.5 m/s
Charging mode Automatic charging, support user-defined
Operating duration 24 hour operation, support user-defined
Battery Lithium-ion battery, 12Ah capacity
Navigation 2D barcode visual
Obstacle detection LiDar
Control / stop precision
Less than 10 mm
Communication WIFI / IEEE802.11 b/g
Status light Available
Emergency stop Available
Certification CE

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