Automated sorting systems

Automated sorting systems

Every project has its own specific requirements. We cooperate closely with our customers to engineer custom system designs that meet their requirements. Our experienced associates manage the complete process, from initial design to installation and technical implementation of the sorting solution in your logistics process.

Slide tray sorter LR

The vertical slide tray sorter LR enables
bi-directional sorting, which maximizes the number of exits, ideal in situations with a small footprint.

Split tray sorter

The split tray sorter is a tray based bomb bay sorting system, developed to handle flat goods such as books, garments and accessories.

Slide tray sorter

Trays in the slide tray sorter are installed at an angle. By opening the downward facing end of the tray, products slide out of the trays into a sorting location.

Hang sorter

The Hang Sorter is designed for sorting single hanging garments on mixed types of hangers. Various system types are available to best suit your specific needs.

Crossbelt sorter

The crossbelt sorter is a carrier belt based sorting system developed for sorting a wide range of fragile products, from clothing and multimedia to fresh foods.

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