Belt sorter LR

The new Equinox Belt sorter LR is designed for companies with small and non-conveyable items such as e-commerce, pharma, cosmetics and jewelry. When limited height is available, this offers a good alternative for the slide tray sorter LR.

The sorter exists of a chain of carriers with belts. Thanks to the heightened sides, the carriers form a contained tray. This prevents items from flying out of the trays when moving through the curves. Each belt has a flap on both ends, enabling bi-directional sorting (to the left and right). This flap is connected to the belt and by moving the belt to the left or right, the product is pushed to the required exit.

The sorter can have exits with a width of 650 mm or 867 mm. The first is large enough for shipping cartons, totes or bags of 600 mm wide. The second can be used for roller carts or pallets, often 800 mm wide.


This sorter comes in two types, vertical and horizontal. The vertical type allows a compact footprint as there is no circulation of products. The horizontal type allows circulation, but is a less compact option.

To allow the maximum amount of stations in your given space, we have a few different layouts for the horizontal type as well. This includes the oval, wide oval and extra wide oval. The wide and extra wide oval provide access in the middle for the operators, which allows stations on both sides of the track.


The carriers run at 1.22 meters per second, resulting in 8.000 carriers per hour. When using single belts, this sums up to 8.000 belts per hour. The double belts allow for a total of 16.000 belts per hour for the double version. For more information about capacities, please see our induction capacity whitepaper.

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